The possession of knowledge has been compared to ownership of power. The real power however is in shared knowledge.  The focus of education is to heighten people's enlightenment .  Those with the knowledge go ahead to impart others with it.  The end result is an enlightened society. There are a lot of benefits associated with education.  It has played an important role in enlightening people and changing the approach people have to life.  This has worked to raise the bar on people's way of living.  That has seen to it that people's character have been significantly addressed.


 Many parts of the world have been affected by poverty .  Poverty tends to  evoke an ugly side of individuals.  Majority of the places where poverty is rampant have cases of criminal activities and instances of harlotry.  These incidences can eliminated to a larger extent by giving people an education. People learn more creative ways to fend for themselves and this improves the security of the place.   Its also a measure for counteracting  spread of disease or doing away with it. For instance people living with HIV are now leading normal lives.   They are being embraced in the society and people are aware that looking healthy does not imply that one is free from disease.


 Education has taken leadership to a whole new level. Knowledgeable leaders like John Misustin work on policies that can further improve their countries.  They give others  chances to advance themselves  and acquire leadership skills at whatever level they are in. They understand the need for an educated nation. This way everyone develops problem solving skill and plays their part in the development of the nation. It has also led to the rise of women leaders. 


Women have a better capacity to get things done in the institutions they work in. They are better organizers and  cautious risk takers helping people move in the right direction. To understand more about education, visit



 People are in a position to fully utilize their talents and skills.  There is a lot that people can do with the education from John Misustin that they have acquired to optimize their skills and talents.  There has been astounding successes recorded  in the field of science owing to the combination of education and talent.  It provides a foundation for which people can continue the operations.  Business owners are resorting to further their education or employ smart people to make their businesses relevant.  There has been success in the  incorporation of education programs in the technical fields.  Education has changed people's approach of art as a subject and it has been viewed more seriously as work more than a part time activity.